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Toshiba IK-HD2 - 3xCCD camera with full HD

The Toshiba IK-HD2 is the upgraded broadcast version of the tried and tested IK-HD1. Like the IK-HD1 the IK-HD2 is a full HD camera in a remote head and integrates high resolution and excellent colour reproduction in a very compact and lightweight housing.

The IK-HD2 consists of the IK-HD2 camera control device, the IK-HD1H camera head, and the appropriate camera cable (EXC-HDxx) which is available in lengths up to 30m.

One of the IK-HD2's key features is the cameras remote head that uses 3x 1/3"CCD sensors. It offers a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels in 16:9 video format. The remote head's size is only 38.6mm x 32.6mm x 40 mm. The camera uses a C-​mount connection.

The image is output via digital HD-​SDI (1 x BNC) or analogue RGB YPbPr (3 x BNC). The camera is set via an on-​screen display (OSD) or via RS232. With it's 12V power supply the camera is ideally suited for mobile use.

The Toshiba IK-HD2 camera has all the features of the HD1 plus:

  • User Area Zone Setting, Manual User mask setting for auto shutter/white balance
  • Black Gamma level adjust like the IK-TU61 ( Low. Normal, High )
  • Edge detail output feature like IK-TU61 - great for focus assist.
  • Manual Red and Blue black balance adjustment.

This Toshiba IK-HD2 is EBU/BBC HD approved.

Application examples

  • In Car Cameras
  • Polecam
  • Sports Events
  • Stunt Camera

Hidden Camera

  • Medical (endoscopy, microscopy, dermatology)


Resolution: 1920 x 1080 active pixels

  • Video format: Full-​HD 1080i60 (16:9)
  • Video outputs:
  • digital HD-​SDI ( 1x BNC)
  • analogue RGB and YPbPr (3 x BNC)
  • Excellent colour reproduction
  • Camera setting via OSD or RS232
  • Camera head in compact housing: 38.6mm x 32.6mm x 40mm
  • Light weight
  • Lens mount: C-Mount
  • Camera cables up to 30m available
  • 12V DC (also suited for mobile use)