It isn’t any good having the latest cameras and recorders if you do not have the support equipment to link everything together and to make it all work; it’s what we call digital Glue! Whether you need a compact video hub, a miniature distribution amplifier or a rack of monitors, MinicamPro has the digital clue to make your minicam production work like clockwork.

The success of any production is certainly due to the quality of the equipment that is supplied and the people who work on the production but without the right experience and the necessary bits that link it all together it would be a none starter. MinicamPro travel the world to trade shows and manufacturers to check out and test the latest and best products available, we make sure that the system you require is the best system for the job in hand that is within your budget. Our wide selection of support equipment includes; fibre cabling, vision mixing, standards conversion, audio and video distribution and a wide selection of monitoring. We have portable racks that cater for Outside Broadcast multicamera operations as well as robust individual car rigs for specialist in our outside car shots.

All our equipment is maintained on site to the highest standard and our service is fast, friendly and reliable.

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