Bradley Engineering PTZ (P&T) cameras and remote heads

Long before Big Brother our technicians were installing Pan & Tilt (PTZ) cameras for broadcast entertainment programming. Now small P&T (or PTZ) cameras are a big part of the minicam market and are regularly used on multi-minicam location shooting. We use Bradley Engineering PTZ cameras mainly because of their rugged structure and reliability but also because historically Bradley Engineering has always listens to what our technicians and operators require and often put their quest in to developing the next generation. We believe the Bradley PTZ cameras are the best for mini remote heads productions.

MiniCamPro offers three types of Bradley cameras in our hire fleet of remote control minicams, namely the New Eyep Camera, the HDC-150 and the HD-15. All three Bradley cameras use a Sony camera module, the same one found in the Sony HVR-A1 professional camcorder. Technology such as this 4 megapixel full HD CMOS chip camera module means this ultra-compact module is capable of producing full HD with 1080 lines of resolution.

Bradley Engineering then takes the original Sony chipset out to be augmented and re-engineered to produce the highest quality noise-free, low jitter, pictures. The modules are also modified and improved for better usability, connectivity and control. The one-piece design has all the additional electronics, together with thermal management and fan cooling, built into the case.

All variety of our Bradley cameras can be used as single camera or muti-camera set-ups with a remote CCU unit together with an integrated protocol converter. This enables the camera head to be sealed to IP66 and data to be sent directly as RS485 to the CCU. It also enables the camera to work in higher ambient temperatures. Both cameras have 10:1 zoom lenses and both accept 37mm wide-angle lens converters. All functions are controlled remotely via equally well made joystick remote control units (RCU). There is a choice of two types of joystick RCUs, a small four-camera controller and a larger eight-camera controller. The joystick RCUs are connected directly to the camera, with simple protocols and the CCU data includes the pan, tilt, zoom and focus.

MiniCamPro offers a show and tell service on all our equipment. We are happy to come to any production company to demonstrate our equipment or can cater for up to 12 people at our offices in West London.