Mini HD Recorders

Any minicamera is only ever as good as the recorder that records the images the camera produces. As a rule, the smaller the whole package is the lower the video quality but this does very much depend on the applications. MiniCamPro supplies very small full HD pinhole/covert cameras for use in bag cameras, jacket cameras, rucksack cameras and hat cameras but to get the HD quality the right HD recorder is required. Depending on the application this could be either a Sound Devices PIX-240i, AJA KiPro Mini or Convergence Design Nanoflash recorder. These recorders are small but not small enough to fit in a breast pocket; and then of course you have to consider recording requirements and whole powering system for the recorder and the camera. So the right recorder is very much dependent on the quality required, record time, space available and the application. Our technicians work with the production team to select the right recorder for the production.

We also provide smaller lower quality HD recorders that are not up to BBC/SKY HD approval HD standards but are excellent quality for undercover covert secret filming. Our lightweight micro-minicam recorders still record an impressive 1280 x 960 resolution at full 720p HD mode. Although not full HD, the This is the best quality micro-minicam recorder available.

MiniCamPro offers a show and tell service on all our equipment. We are happy to come to any production company to demonstrate our equipment or can cater for up to 12 people at our offices in West London.