Convergent Design nanoFlash Recorder


Convergent Design nanoFlash Recorder

The tried and trusted nanoFlash from Convergent Design is the smallest, solid state HD/SD or HDMI recorder/player currently available. nanoFlash can be fitted in the smallest areas and connected to any HD-SDI source via BNC coax. The nanoFlash has 2 Compact Flash Slots but does not provide a professional balanced analogue audio input or output - using instead, up to 8 channels of quality audio embedded in the HD-SDI/HDMI stream or unbalanced stereo input via mini jack connection . Audio levels are displayed on the LCD panel.

Easy to use control buttons can start and stop recording, once recording is complete you can simply transfer the source files to your laptop editor using a CF card reader, drop the footage straight onto the timeline and edit while you continue to shoot.....

With no moving parts, low power consumption and small size, the nanoFlash is ideal for use in extreme conditions and confined spaces.

Application examples

  • Hidden Cameras
  • Bag Cameras
  • Field Recording
  • Editing/Playback
  • or anywhere that requires a very small, durable HD recorder/player


  • HD-SDI Input
  • 4:2:2 full raster (1920x1080i/p) MPEG2 Codec at bit-rates of up to 160Mbps, or I-Frame only bit-rates up to 220Mbps.
  • 2 CompactFlash slots for recording media
  • 1.2 hours of recording time without swapping cards @100Mbps (using 2 x 32Gb CompactFlash cards)
  • Quicktime and MXF File Format for easy transfer to leading NLE programs, including Final Cut Pro, Avid, Adobe Premier and Vegas Pro.
  • All the benefits of a tapeless workflow, including instant review, fast downloads and metadata support.
  • Small, compact and silent
  • Robust and lightweight, weighing just 600g
  • Low power, 10 Watts, using industry standard four pin XLR connector
  • Ideal for extreme conditions.